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Why does my local HyperFS Mac mount have a "-1" at the end of it?

With OS X being Unix-based, all filesystems, shares, and volumes are mounted to /Volumes first, and then linked from there to elsewhere on the system (like the desktop). That is to say, when you mount a share called "Genesis", whether it be HyperFS or SMB share, Finder will want to mount it at /Volumes/Genesis.
What we are seeing here is that the HyperFS "Genesis" is being mounted when the workstation first boots, and then the SMB "Genesis" is mounted, resulting in a mount point naming conflict, which Finder resolves by appending a "-1" to the mount point (but then still possibly referring to it as simply "Genesis" in other parts of the system).
In the HyperFS client, please change from "auto mount" to "manual mount", reboot, mount the SMB share, and see if the issue is resolved.

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