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How do I update the IPMI firmware on a Supermicro server?

  1. Gather the motherboard model by booting the server into Linux and running the command dmidecode | grep -A 2 'Base Board' which should state a product name like X10SRH-CLN4F
  2. Navigate to Supermicro's IPMI download page and search of the product name you just found.
  3. Click your proudct name
  4. Click "BMC/IPMI Firmware" in the right sidebar
  5. Download the firmware, accepting any license agreements
  6. Unzip the doanloaded firmware
  7. Log into the server's IPMI HTTP GUI
  8. Under the "Maintenance" menu, select "Firmware Update"
  9. Click the "Enter Update Mode" button
  10. Browse to, and upload the .bin file in the top level of the firmware you unzipped
  11. After the upload, ensure the IPMI firmware update is shown
  12. Start the update
  13. After the update finishes, wait at least 1 minute and refresh the page
  14. You are now on updated IPMI firmware
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