How to upgrade a QLogic switch via telnet?

Default Login

IP Address:

User: admin

Password: password


 You will need to download the correct firmware, the latest version is currently "". You can download the firmware from QLogic's support site. Put it in an easy directory to navigate too and make sure its unzipped if need be.



From a Terminal such as MobaXTerm, navigate to the directory you have downloaded the firmware file too. Once there FTP into the switch "ftp". Username and password are "images".


Now upload the firmware image to the switch, type "put" and hit enter, you can tab the file when in the correct directory.

put cmd

Exit out of the FTP once the file is uploaded and now Telnet into the switch by typing "telnet". You will be asked for the switch’s username and password.


Once logged in start the admin services, type "admin start".

admin start

Now unpack the image and install by typing "image unpack".

image unpack

Once the firmware has successfully uploaded you can hotreset the switch by typing "hotreset", you can also hardreset the switch by typing "hardreset" but the hotreset is recommended as it does not disrupt traffic.


Joey Herzan
2019-05-10 16:30
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