How to install and use IPMIView


What is IPMIView?

IPMIView is a web GUI-based software app that will allow system administrators to manage multiple systems through BMC. IPMIView will monitor and report the status of Scale Logic Inc. Genesis NX, Genesis RX, Genesis RX2, Genesis UX, and the Genesis IAP servers. This includes information on the server, power supply, gigabit switch, InfiniBand and CMM Modules.

 IPMIView Key Features:

- IPMI System Management

- KVM Console Redirection

- Text Console Redirection

- Virtual Media Management

- IPMI User/Group Management

- Trap Receiver

Download link to latest version of IPMIView:

IPMIView Installation (Windows)

  1.  After you have downloaded  the IPMIView zip file you will need to use a program to unzip the file. Once unzipped navigate into the file.
  2. Run the .exe installation file.
  3. Keep all the defaults during the installation of the software and accpet the License Agreement.
  4. Launch the IPMIView program


 Using IPMIView

  1.  Click on the magnifying glass to discover IPMI devices on your network, by default all Scale Logic Inc. IPMI servers ship with DHCP enabled for IPMI unless giving an IP Address during Integration to pre-set the IPMI address.
  2. Click "Detect" to automatically start searching your network for IPMI addresses that are on the same subnet or enter in your own IP range and click "Start" and it should start to discover IPMI addresses on that match your subnet.
  3. All IPMI address on the same subnet should now be discovered. You can save these IP's to a list. Once saved they should be under "IPMI Domain" in the main IPMI View menu. You can click on the IP here and login with the Username and Password "ADMIN".
  4. You can also type the IP address into a web browser to bring up the IPMI web GUI, Username and Password is "ADMIN".


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