IPMI Configuration Guide


Please use the following guide to configure and access the IPMI - Intelligent Platform Management Interface to allow remote control access of the system over a network.


GenesisRX, UX, IAP, & NX

Ethernet Connection

  • Connect to Network via eth0 (7)/eno1 (7) or the dedicated IPMI port (4)

Eth Connections for IPMI 

Determine DHCP IP address/Configure Static IP

  • Connect a monitor and keyboard (mouse is not necessary)
  • Determine IPMI address via IPMItool (GenesisRX, UX, & IAP only)
    • From the command line interface or SSH terminal window, enter "ipmitool lan print"

 IPMI lan print

    • If the IP address is not valid, the address can be set using the ipmitool lan set command
    • Additional information can be obtained by entering ipmitool lan help
  • Determine address via BIOS
    • On current systems the IPMI address will display during boot if it is connected to a network with a DHCP server or the address has been set statically

SuperMicro screen during boot

    • Use the following options if no IPMI address is displayed
    • Press the Delete key when prompted during boot up

SuperMicro screen during boot 2

Front BIOS screen

    • From the main BIOS screen, navigate to the "IPMI" screen using the arrow keys and press enter


    • Select "BMC Network Configuration" and press enter

BIOS BMC Config Menu

    • If there is a valid DHCP server, the address will be displayed as the Station IP Address
    • If necessary, set a static IP address
      • Set "Update IPMI LAN Configuration" to "Yes"
      • Set "Configuration Address Source" to "Static"
      • Enter an IP address and Subnet Mask that is compatible with your network
      • Press F4 to save configuration and exit
      • The system will reboot


Access IPMI Web Interface

Note: The IPMI Web Interface is dependent on JAVA and may require a newer or older version depending on the age and configuration of your hardware. Settings may need to be changed in the JAVA console depending on the security level. The IPMI IP Address may need to be added to the security exceptions list in order to connect. If possible, use Mozilla Firefox to access the interface.

  • Enter the IPMI IP address into a web browser
  • Login as username: ADMIN password: ADMIN

IPMI Login


  • Open the Remote Console by double clicking on the "Remote Console Preview" or selecting "Remote Control/Console Redirection" and clicking "Launch Console"

IPMI screen

  • Another window will open once all the JAVA prompts are accepted allowing access to the system as if a connected by keyboard, monitor and mouse
Joey Herzan
2018-11-09 20:47