How does the DPX optimization work in HyperFS?

Since 2009 HyperFS has had a DPX, TIFF, and EXR optimization to allow for all sequence type files to maintain performance on spinning disk volume groups.  We simply call this "DPX Optimization" in the GUI, however, it works equally well for any file type including streaming files. The optimization is invoked by the WRITER of the sequence so that files are written congruently on the disk DURING WRITING. This is the optimal solution because no further maintanence or organization sub tasks are needed to keep your HyperFS file system performance for DPX type workflows. Many writers of sequences can write to a single HyperFS file system at the same time.  There is no penalty for turning this on, and even streaming files continue to have very low fragmentation with our HyperFS anti-fragmentation mechanism.   If you are unsure, turn this feature on.

This setting must be set ON before file system formatting.  Although the setting can be turned on after file system formatting, the optimziation will not re-optimize existing data so therefore this feature is considered required when formatting the file system.

 Turn ON DPX Optimization during file system creation:

Daryl Heinis
2018-12-17 19:51
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