I can't write to the configuration file when using HyperFS SAN clients on a Windows system when logging in with an AD username.

Problem Cause: AD users don’t have permission to modify files on volume C. However, the HyperFS SAN client is installed on volume C.

There are two solutions with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Solution 1: Make changes in Windows

Change the FSClient Properties of profile directory.

Note: The profile directory on different Windows versions has different directory paths.

  • Windows XP:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FSClient
  • Windows2003:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FSClient
  • Windows7:C:\ProgramData\FSClient
  • Windows8:C:\ProgramData\FSClient
  • Windows Server 2008:C:\ProgramData\FSClient
  • Windows Server 2012:C:\ProgramData\FSClient


  1. Log on to Windows with an administrator account.

  2. Right click FSClient -> “Properties” -> “Security”.

  3. Click on “Edit” -> “Add”. Add your AD users (e.g. u1) in “Enter the object names to select”, then click “OK”.


  4. Choose u1 and click “Full control” in the second dialog.


Use the same method to change the FSClient Properties for other AD users.

Solution 2: Change the AD user’s permissions.

  1. Click “Start” -> “Run” on the AD Controller. Input “dsa.msc”, then click “Users” and choose the users whose permissions you want to change (e.g. u1). Right click “u1 Properties”.

  2. Click “Add” and input the domain administrator name “Domain Admins”, then click “OK”.

  3. Click “Apply” and “OK”, and the u1 account now belongs to Domain Admins.


Use this same method to change other AD users' permissions.

Erin Kelly
2016-12-16 21:33