What is the real-time initiator function of the Genesis RX and what could it be used for?

Genesis RX has a “Real-time Initiator” Feature:


Real Time initiator is a incredibly easy to use QOS bandwidth feature that can reserve bandwidth to a single initiator, or group of initiators.  One standout use case for this feature is 4K and 8K color correction, where 1 or 2 power uses need realtime playback performance but are supported by several assist stations and data wrangling machines.  Real Time supports FC WWNs or iSCSI iQNs.  First the HBA WWN’s are defined in the Users Menu to human recognizable names for example, “Edit1” or "FlameBay1".  Second, the Users can then be designated as “real-time”.  A real-time initiator has all priority to the Genesis RX cache handler and its I/O’s are processed first.  All other WWN’s and initiator’s assume a non-realtime initiator role and are limited to 4 simultaneous I/O’s.  This limits their Bandwidth in addition to the realtime initiator’s I/O’s being processed first in line.  If no “real-time” initiator’s are defined, ALL initiator’s for that Genesis RX are considered real-time and would get first come, first serve processing of their I/O’s to the Genesis RX cache handler.

Erin Kelly
2018-10-21 15:16
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