How can I better understand LSI MegaRAID LogInfo codes?

The tool baruch/lsi_decode_loginfo is intended to help with this. Below are its instructions. If you don't want to install this program, there is also a list of pre decoded entries that can be searched.



Decode LSI LogInfo codes to make troubleshooting slightly less cryptic

This is based on open sources, mostly Linux kernel header files. I'm aware of an LSI document that details all the different LogInfo codes but it is not provided openly. If someone happens to have contacts within LSI to help release this document that would be very nice and would help many sysadmins around the world to enable them to debug their storage systems better.

If the tool fails to parse the loginfo and you have an LSI product you can ask LSI support to decode it for you, if you can then let me know about the code and the explanation for it I can add it to the tool for everyone else's benefit.


For the command:

./ 0x31170000

You get the output:

Value       31170000h
Type:       30000000h   SAS
Origin:     01000000h   PL

Relevant Documents

  • Pre decoded entries -- If you don't want to install this program you can go here and search for your code, if it's not present we don't know it's decoding, this was generated by this program.
  • Explaining log info 0x31080000 -- A longer form explanation of the issue behind this log info error
Matthew Jensen
2017-02-02 20:13
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