What is the method for configuring a Genesis RX to work with a UPS?

While it is possible to connect a Genesis RX2 to an Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS), the option is disabled by default.

To enable UPS monitoring, perform the following steps:

1. Connect UPS to the Genesis RX2, following the procedure, described in the appropriate UPS documentation. Genesis RX2 supports the following types of UPS connection: via COM-port and via USB.

2. In the System menu item move to the UPS widget on the Nodes page.

3. Press UPS Configuration. The UPS window opens.

4. Select Vendor of the UPS, pressing the drop-down list in the corresponding field.

5. In the Model field select the UPS model being connected.

6. If you have a large UPS that is capable of running multiple systems simultaneously, specify Master/Slave configuration settings:

  • If the current system is Master, select On in the appropriate field.
  • If current system is Slave, specify the IP address of the Master system.

7. If you selected a model with connection via COM-port, specify the port for connection in the Port field. (Figure 90).

8. Wait for status Connected in the Status field: the UPS connection setup is successfully completed.

You can also organize interaction of the Genesis RX2 with the UPS by uploading the necessary driver with the following CLI command:

  rdcli param ups modify –d value
Erin Kelly
2018-10-21 15:49
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