How do I set up UPS control?

The Genesis RX and RX2 use the NUT software to interface with UPS battery backups. Comprehensive documentation can be found at the NUT project page.

These are the steps to configure it in v4:

  1. Log into the web GUI
  2. Go to the "System" heading
  3. On the right side, click "UPS Configuration"
  4. Select your vendor and model. (Very often, this will be "APC" and "Smart-UPS USB")
  5. Enable "Master"
  6. Enter its own IP address as "Master IP"
  7. Keep "Shutdown Delay" at the default 5 seconds 
  8. "Apply" the settings

The settings can also be checked from the CLI with rdcli param ups show.

In the event of a power failure:

  1. Power is lost
  2. All systems will initially wait (in the event that power is restored).
  3. During this time, using rdcli param ups show will indeed show the system is on battery power.
  4. UPS itself detects it has reached a critical level (typically around 10%), it notifies the attached system, which is the "Master" in our case.
  5. "Master" notifies all "slave" systems to shut down. They will respect their own "Shutdown delay"
  6. "Master" shuts down in the number of seconds defined
Matthew Jensen
2019-03-14 17:39
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