What is the required software release for the Genesis NX for Telestream Vantage applications?

Telestream Vantage encoders all work better with SMB v3 and PitchBlue Decoder requires SMB v3, so check the following when using Genesis NX with Vantage:


Check your software is at or above 7.0up57.9101.21592 64bit

Versions higher than "7.0up65 and higher don't need further checks, but version 7.0up57 you can further ensure SMB v3 is running by

  1. Click the "Maintenance" menu
  2. Click the "Software Update" menu item
  3. Find your running software version, as indicated by the green check mark
  4. Expand "details" by clicking the rightmost arrow
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the version details
  6. Make sure the Samba version is 4.x, which supports the SMB3 protocol
  7. Be sure this is the only small update running with regards to the Samba version. Trash any other updates as needed, contacting support with any questions or concerns.

Daryl Heinis
2018-10-20 15:19