How do you add or join Active Directory (ADS) with Genesis NX?


  1. Ensure the NTP is set in the Genesis NX using the IP address of the AD Server.  This is the optimal setup so that the time and date is within 5 seconds of the ADS Server.
  2. Make sure you can ping the ADS with the Genesis NX.  Use the console extended tools to verify
  3. Use a Domain Admin account for the user credentials in the ADS in our GUI entries.
  4. Make sure that the DNS entry in the NX GUI is pointing to the ADS server, you can add more than one entry after the ADS IP via with a ";"
  5. If the Domain Admin account password contains more than 20 characters or has special characters that aren't just letters or numbers, obtain and apply the small update 70425a from tech support.
  6. Know your ADS Server name, OU, and credentials before applying in the GUI.  Check with your IT department if you don't know what you are supposed to be joining.  Scale Logic support won't know this information as it is customer specific.


Contact technical support with a dump log from the NAS if your having issues after making sure the above are met.

Daryl Heinis
2018-10-20 15:25