Genesis NX JBOD Expansion Guide

  1. Log into the head GNX’s web GUI by typing its IP address into a web Browser that is on the same network as the GNX. Default password is password.

  2. Navigate to Configuration->Volume manager->Volume Groups. Click on rescan under Unit Rescan to make sure the JBOD is now showing up.

GNX Vol Grps


  1. Click on the new Unit under Unit Manager, next choose “add to vgxx” making sure to choose your current GNX volume if you are looking to grow. Click Apply.

Unit Manager


  1. You should get a warning about SWAP partition, you can just click OK. You should see another warning message about all existing data on your disk being erased, this is talking about the JBOD disks and not the data on the existing volume you are growing. Click OK.

SWAP Warning

Disk Erase Warning


  1. The new JBOD unit should now be added to the Head Units Volume Group but the share has not grown at this point.

Unit Manager 2


  1. Click on your Volume under Vol. Groups to go to the page that will allow you to grow the volume size.

Vol. Groups


  1. For Action under Volume Manager choose modify lvxxxx to grow your existing volume, if you would like to create a new volume choose New NAS Volume. Use the bar on the bottom or the arrows under Volume Manager to finally grow the volume to the size you wish, remember it's easy to grow the volume but in order to shrink it again it will need to be recreated. Hit Apply when done.


  1. The volume should now reflect the change you made.

Growing a Volume


Vol Mng Before


Vol Mng After


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