How do you upgrade HyperFS File System and MDC from either 3.x or 4.x to 5.x?

Follow these high level steps to get the MDC and file system successfully upgraded from 3 to 5.

BACKUP THE DATA FIRST, or at the very least, backup the metadata safely

Current 3.x MDC: CentOS 5.8 running HyperFS 3.x

Current 4.x MDC: CentOS 6.5 running HyperFS 4.x

Target MDC: CentOS running HyperFS 5.5.2


1. backup all config files including the network scripts from both MDCs or a single MDC

2. Backup the meta data for all the file systems using

dd if=/dev/sde bs=1M | gzip > metalun_backup.gz

3. Run bwfsck to make sure your 3.x file system is HEALTHY before continuing

/usr/local/hr/bin/bwfsck /dev/sd[x]

4. If step 3 found issues, it is safe to backup the meta again

zcat meta_backup.gzip | dd of=dev/sd[x]

5. Shutdown Secondary MDC or single MDC

6. Reinstall CentOS and FC/Ethernet setup following the HyperFS software installation guide

7. Shut down the SAN for next steps

8. Run the metadata upgrade script to upgrade metadaa layout from version 3 to version 5 on Secondary

/usr/local/hr/bin/upgrade/upgrade -v 5.4.x -m /dev/sd[x]

9. Import the HyperFS config file

10. Start the HyperFS file system, check all is running fine on new Secondary

11. Reinstall CentOS on Primary and FC/Ethernet setup following the HyperFS software installation guide
12. Join HA
13. Upgrade all clients to 5.5.2
14. Migrate HA to Primary

15. Test all clients

16. Relicense MDC(s)


This is a high level step by step, check with support if you have questions on any step before proceeding!

Daryl Heinis
2019-07-01 23:35
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