How do I add a new Strawberry/HyperFS client?

Here are the steps to add a new Strawberry/HyperFS client:

  1. Enter the Strawberry server IP, the edit name, and select "Manually Mounted Storage"

  2. Hit "Next"

  3. Open a web browser, go to the HyperFS admin GUI at, and login with fsadmin/password

  4. Click "Exports" on the left, and then "Add" at the bottom

  5. Click "Browse" and then navigate to strawberry/media_1/edits/edit# (for the edit you're setting up) and then hit "OK"

  6. Select "Standard" at the top, enter the IP address of the workstation, and uncheck "Map root to."

  7. Hit "Save​"

  8. Refresh the export list in the HyperFS client, or re-open the client

  9. Select the new export, and modify its mount point

  10. Change the mountpoint to /Volumes/Media

  11. Change any other mount options your site is using, such as "redirplus"​​

  12. Mount the export

  13. Continue the Strawberry configuration, and select /Volumes/Media as your Media mount (Cmd+Up is helpful for getting back to /Volumes)

  14. Finish the installer
Erin Kelly
2019-06-30 16:56