What steps are necessary to resolve automount failures?

step 1: First, please find out whether the automount process exists:

ps -ef | grep enfs

If the process doesn’t exist, please contact us.

step 2: If the automount process exists, but the problem remains, please check the /var/log/system.log*,

Search for "bwclnt_mount_export". If the error is 0x94000004, it means that the devices are either not okay or not ready when the mount attempt occurs, so the next step would be to lengthen the time for the automount.

Change the time of automount is as follows:

sudo vim /Library/Filesystems/Enfs/config/enfsconfig.xml

Locate the following section:


Change the value of "AutomountTimeoutS" to 90s or longer to see whether the automount will work.

step 3: If previous steps do not work, please change the value of "LogLevel" to 3, and restart the computer, then send the /var/log/system.log and /Library/Filesystems/Enfs/config/log/Automount.log to us.

Erin Kelly
2019-06-30 17:20
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