How can I disable RSCN (Remote State Change Notification) on a Qlogic switch?

Connect to the command line of the Qlogic switch, either via serial or telnet connection. The default credentials are:

Username: admin
Password: password

SANbox #> admin start
SANbox (admin) #> config edit
SANbox (admin-config) #> set config port 1

A list of attributes with formatting and current values will follow.
Enter a new value or simply press the ENTER key to accept the current value.
If you wish to terminate this process before reaching the end of the list
press 'q' or 'Q' and the ENTER key to do so.

Configuring Port Number: 1
AdminState (1=Online, 2=Offline, 3=Diagnostics, 4=Down) [Online]
LinkSpeed (1=1Gb/s, 2=2Gb/s, 4=4Gb/s, 8=8Gb/s, A=Auto) [Auto ]
PortType (GL,G,F,FL,TR) [GL ]
SymPortName (string, max=32 chars) [Port1 ]
ALFairness (True / False) [False ]
DeviceScanEnable (True / False) [True ]
ForceOfflineRSCN (True / False) [False ]
ARB_FF (True / False) [False ]
InteropCredit (decimal value, 0-255) [0 ]
FANEnable (True / False) [True ]
AutoPerfTuning (True / False) [True ]
MSEnable (True / False) [True ]
NoClose (True / False) [False ]
IOStreamGuard (Enable / Disable / Auto) [Auto ] Enable
PDISCPingEnable (True / False) [True ]

Finished configuring attributes.
This configuration must be saved (see config save command) and
activated (see config activate command) before it can take effect.
To discard this configuration use the config cancel command.

SN6000 FC Switch (admin-config) #> 

Notice that "Enable" was specified for the IOStreamGuard option. For all other options, simply press "Enter" to keep the current/default value.

Repeat the process for all ports that you wish to disable RSCN on. Once finished, you will need to save and activate the configuration by following the below steps:

SN6000 FC Switch (admin-config) #> config save

The config named default has been saved.
SN6000 FC Switch (admin) #> config activate

The currently active configuration will be activated.

Please confirm (y/n): [n] y

SN6000 FC Switch (admin) #>
Matthew Jensen
2017-09-01 19:58