How do I license a StorNext FX client in an Xsan environment?

  1. Gather the customer's SNFX serial number
  2. Check that the customer has current Quantum support
  3. Gather the "cvsid" information from all the Xsan MDCs
  4. Gather "cvgather" from the SNFX client
  5. Open a ticket with Quantum support at 1-800-284-5101 (option 1)
  6. Wait for Tier 2 to make contact (they usually call in an hour or two, and the number is usually from Colorado)
  7. Follow their instructions to provide the information gathered in the first three steps, either via email, or using the below FTP information:
    user: anonymous
    pass: [the email address given to opent the case]
    path: incoming/SR3714130 [replace with your ticket number]
  8. Wait for Quantum to provide the license.dat (usually an hour or two)
  9. On the SNFX client, place the provided license.dat in /usr/cvfs/config/
  10. On the Xsan MDCs, place the provided license.dat in /Library/Preferences/Xsan/
  11. Reboot all Xsan MDCs (this can be staggered to minimize downtime, but work with the customer)
  12. Mount the SNFX client (if you have trouble, restart cvfs, if you still have trouble, reboot)
Matthew Jensen
2016-07-22 21:27