After installing XtendSAN I get the following error when I launch Xtend San: Unable to connect to the daemon process:Connection refused to host:; nested exception refused.

1. Uninstall XtendSAN via it's folder
Go  >  Applications >  XtendSAN > XtendSAN Uninstall  :: uninstaller:: [Button]  - will bring up wizard
The XtendSAN installer will require a reboot to finish.  You might have to click the Apple and reboot button.  Then let the OS operate at its own pace.
When the Desktop comes back up perform a 2nd Enhanced Power Cycle as before (removing the power cable for 2 min)
See, how this will be as clean a slate as possible?  

2. Install XtendSAN (remember to check for the Allow button)
       Do a 2nd Reboot
and then perform a 3rd Enhanced Power Cycle wait another 2 minutes.

Note:  refrain from opening the program until this 3rd Power Cycle completes.   Finder will then have a program written to it.  Verify in Security settings if the Allow button is visible.   If yes, just click it and reboot.  

You can now safely Open XtendSAN as a program.   Verify it Opens when nothing is attached as we simply want to discover if there are issues prior to any Targets.   If it Opens w/ no error messages this is a success.   Continue the setup of your Network as normal  (i.e. including attaching Targets) here.

Joey Herzan
2018-11-02 15:40