How can I manage the ATTO Celerity driver?

First, you will need to determine the bus speed and generation of your card. Once that is determined, please use the proper driver name for the rest of this guide.

Model name ("x" is channel quantity) FC speed Linux driver name
Celerity FC-8xEN 8Gb/s celerity8fc
FC-16x (5th Generation) 16Gb/s celerity16fc
FC-16xP (6th Generation) 16Gb/s celerity16fc
FC-32xE (6th Generation) 32Gb/s celerity16fc


For this guide, we will assume use of the celerity16fc driver.

Installing the driver

Download the latest supported driver from ATTO's support site.

If you'd like to download directly from CLI, unfortunately ATTO's website obfuscates the path to files on their download site. However, the direct links all point to the same directory, so if you know the exact name of the driver you are looking to download, you can substitute it into the example below:

curl -O

The above example is for the 6th generation Celerity cards.

Once downloaded, extract the .tar.gz, change into the created directory, and run ./install, following the prompts.

Loading the driver

During installation, you have the option to load the driver, as well as the driver loading automatically on boot. However if you should need to manually load the driver, please use this command:

modprobe -v celerity8fc

Unloading the driver

To unload the driver, make sure that all FC I/O has stopped, and then use this command:

modprobe -rv celerity8fc
Matthew Jensen
2017-01-18 23:20