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How can I add images to a KB article?

  1. Save your KB article, if you haven't already (it can be text-only, or empty)

  2. View the article in the frontend

  3. Note the article ID in the upper-right
    Article ID number

  4. Locally on your computer, rename the image(s) you wish to upload using the format:
    article ID-image number.extension

    Using this article as an example, the first image is named 1420-1.png, the second is 1420-2.png and so on.

  5. Click "Edit record" at the bottom of the article (do not hit the "back" button in your browser, as this can create duplicate records)

  6. Place your cursor where you wish to place an image
    Cursor placement

  7. Click "Insert/Edit Image"
    Insert/Edit Image button

  8. In the "Insert/Edit Image" window that just opened, click "Browse"
    Browse button

  9. Choose the corresponding folder for the article's category
    Folder selection

  10. Click "Upload"
    Upload button

  11. Tick the file(s) you wish to insert, and click "Select"
    Select images

  12. Add an appopriate "Image Description," which will be displayed as a fallback if the image cannot be loaded
    Image Description field

  13. Click "Insert" to insert the image(s)
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