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How can I properly enable kdump on Genesis RX?

Here is the configuration for RAIDIX 4.4 to save vmcore-dmesg.txt only (no memory dump) in case of kernel panic. It could be useful in cases when system drive is less then RAM amount

Preserve current /etc/kdump.conf

Create new /etc/kdump.conf with following 3 lines only:

path /var/crash
core_collector true
extra_bins /bin/true
Restart kdump service, it will rebuild initramfs for panic:

service kdump stop; service kdump start

Edit/boot/grub/menu.lstand change crashkernel=256M to crashkernel=512M


After the system reboots you may check new settings by initiating the system panic

echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger

If everything is set up correctly you should find a new vmcore-dmesg.txt file in the /var/crash/ subfolders and no large memory dump after the reboot.

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