If I'm running Avid DS© software, can I incorporate the Strawberry server into my workflow?

Avid DS must capture, render, and save project files to a non-strawberry controlled folder on the SAN, or a local non-SAN drive. In the case of working with Sequence (DPX) files, the Avid DS should store to a local non-SAN drive. DNx type footage can save to the SAN in a non-Strawberry controlled folder. The Avid DS can import a Mediacomposer sequence from an opened Strawberry project however, saving having to move or redistribute a MC project when wanting to open that project in Avid DS. That project may be opened strawberry writable or read only, however the DS should be set to render, save, etc. to a non-Strawberry controlled folder.

Erin Kelly
2016-01-08 19:58
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